The Church Business Model – From Birth to Grave, the Personal Insurance Years

The Mode – Yesterday and Today – No. 7: The Business Model – From Birth to Grave, the Personal Insurance Years

For the representatives of the church business model, at the beginning of a person’s life on Earth, there is baptism into the church, which already turns babies into church members and thus, into later payers of church taxes, or tithes. If people knew what really happens in this process, or what all is said to the little children without their consent, much fewer people would subject their infant to this procedure, which also includes an exorcism or exorcistic church formulas, since the baby is supposedly burdened with original sin. In the first part of this program, you will be informed in an understandable and cautionary manner about baptism into the church and its background.

Especially in rural regions, the church business model pervades in all spheres of life – from the church choir and the fire department festival with a church blessing by the pastor or priest, to a lack of orders for artisans and workmen who have dared to leave the church. In addition to taxes, subsidies and government “grants”, the church collects abundant fees and donations, including an envelope of money on the occasion of “last rites” and up to considerable bequests in one’s testament, which many church members hope will benefit their salvation in the afterlife.

Information is also given about the allegedly infallible Catholic dogma of the two swords, according to which the “clerical sword” of the priests is above the “secular sword” of the politicians, who must submit to the “clerical sword”. Or about what a pope had written into the collection of dogmas: By his office he is comparable to the sun, and the governments are comparable to the moon, which are shone upon by the sun.

In 2011, the two swords were in action in Germany. The German President Christian Wulff had cautiously criticized Pope Benedict XVI and shortly thereafter had to resign, allegedly because of minor financial irregularities. According to church doctrine, politicians have to fulfill the will of the church, and many of them also hold an honorary church office. High-ranking politicians continue to pay homage to the supreme church leader at audiences in Rome, including Protestants, even though looming over all non-Catholics is the Roman Catholic “anathema sit,” the Catholic cursing formula in dogmas directed at all those who do not submit to the Vatican Church.

The history of the church is full of reports of robbery, deceit, legacy hunting, wars, murders and destruction, and according to the principle “it is more blessed to take than to give”, immeasurable wealth was accumulated by the religious institutions. And to this day, the church is virtually showered with financial resources by the representatives of the state.

Did you know, for example, that the salaries of high church functionaries are paid directly or indirectly by the state? Although this is rarely presented as blatantly as in Bavaria, in fact it is similar almost everywhere. In addition to the payment of bishops’ salaries, this German state finances, for instance, the salaries of 14 so-called dignitaries, of 60 canons, of 42 cathedral vicars, of eight auxiliary bishops, of seven vicar generals and of seven Episcopal secretaries. In addition, there is a proportionate amount of state funding for the regional Protestant bishop and other Protestant church personnel – all at state expense, that is, from countless people who neither have anything to do with the church nor want to have anything to do with it.

The aim of this enlightening program is to help all well-intentioned seekers of truth to find their bearings. Everyone may support whomever he wants, but the state should finally stop with the boundless financing of the two major religions Catholic and Protestant-Lutheran, as the German Constitution, which so far has been disregarded by the politicians here, has long mandated.


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