Confession, Indulgences and Last Rites – Part 11

Part 11 not yet available – maybe from July 2016 on

Jesus of Nazareth taught the asking for forgiveness from the person, against whom we have sinned. The Church, however, teaches that one must go to a priest who allegedly could decide in the name of “God” about forgiveness and pronounce a so-called “absolution”. The Church even claims to be able to regulate by their priests the extent of so-called “punishments” in the beyond – through the granting of indulgences – formerly on the basis of corresponding payments of believers, today with other conditions: e.g. by passing through a particular gate in St.Peter’s Basilica during the “holy” year of alleged mercy 2015/2016. After all, that attracts pilgrims to Rome, who spend their money in various ways there, also through donations. God, the All-One, is derided with all this, but the indoctrination and especially the fear of an opposition against Pope and dogmas still sit in many minds. In the Protestant Church “salvation” is offered in a somewhat more comfortable way than in the Catholic Church. While the priest taking the confession of the faithful imposes a penance, the Lutheran pastor donates “grace” for free – even in the last minute of an earthly life, for which the Roman Church has invented the so-called sacrament of the “Last Rites”. But to both churches are directed the admonishments from their own Bible: “Be not deceived, God is not mocked: for whatever man sows, he will reap.”

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