From Cradle to Grave – The Church Cassock – Part 10


The Roman Church teaches that in “emergency situations” a child may be baptized Catholic, even against the will of the parents. Right from the crib, the churches try through intimidation to seize the people as members. A baptized person later can only be absolved from paying church tax to the state. However, from a spiritual perspective, the churches do not recognize the leaving of the church. The Vatican Church says: “Once a Catholic, always a Catholic”. Further external stations of the church member incorporated without free will are: First communion and confirmation and finally the wedding and funeral by a priest or pastor. In the meantime, again only the priests and pastors are said to be able to forgive the people everything in the name of God what they consider to be a “sin”. Towards the end of life on earth the “Last Rites” are performed in the Vatican church with which, in an “emergency”, supposedly everything unforgiven would be forgiven – even without remorse or asking for forgiveness by the person dying. At the grave, the men in long robes then award “salvation” to the deceased, for he was once “baptized” as an infant. Thus: From the crib to the grave – ecclesiastical robes. As a threat scenario against doubters and possible church dropouts the doctrine of eternal damnation for dissenters was invented. However, the threats are growing less effective, the more people realize that the Church’s sacraments and rituals have nothing to do with Jesus, the Christ. He did not donate one single sacrament, and the God Whom He brought closer to us, is the Free Spirit – without priests and sacraments.

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