Open Letter to the Citizens and Government of Russia

Open Letter to the Citizens and Government of Russia

At the end of July 2022, Original Christians of the Sermon on the Mount wrote an Open Letter to the citizens of Russia and their government. As followers of Jesus, oriented to the commandments of God and the Sermon on the Mount, they advocate immediate efforts for a just peace. And they are stunned and ashamed that after 80 years, the current German government has once again made Germany a warring party against Russia, thus, also obstructing the path of mediation through diplomacy. And they write that they and many German citizens do not support this policy and especially not when the friendly or kinship relations between people of both nations, which have grown over the last years and decades, are torpedoed by the opinions propagandized by the government and the media.

Despite the German millennium guilt of 27 million Russians killed in the World War II, a German government, whose representatives in many cases also call themselves “Christian,” now again stirs up the cries for war against Russia and also openly declared an economic war against Russia in order to “ruin” its neighbor, as the German Foreign Minister Baerbock of Alliance 90/The Greens proclaimed in ideological bigotry and blatant opposition to the interests of its citizens. Citizens of Russia are furthermore expropriated or discriminated against solely because of their citizenship and without court decisions. With the unilateral adoption of Ukrainian war propaganda, politicians, together with the corresponding media, try to create a bellicose (= belligerent) and russophobic (= hostile to Russia) climate in the whole country, thereby also distracting from their own failures.
Together with many peace-loving German citizens, the Original Christians are against an escalation of the war in Ukraine by their government with daily more deaths, with daily more and more suffering and destruction. Weapons, weapons and ever more heavy weapons to Ukraine, in addition to ever more sanctions and chicaneries, which primarily affect the Russian population, and harm, above all, their own population as well as countless people in the poorer nations of this world.

The Original Christians stand up for the teaching of peace by Jesus of Nazareth and are therefore against all war, including economic war, and are for immediate negotiations between the warring parties with the goal of a just peace.

But the godless alliance of the apologists of war and destruction in the current German government has thrown itself at the war profiteers and with transparent propaganda and falsehood is trying to deceive the European population about their war escalation and its causes. This is also true with regard to the German economy. The German Minister of Economics, Robert Habeck of Alliance 90/The Greens, has, himself, grandly started and proclaimed an economic war against Russia, and is now trying to blame the Russians for it, even though they still supply at least some amount of natural gas necessary for the economic cycles in Germany.

The political barbarians currently in power in the government are thus rejecting the policy of their predecessors, which served the well-being of their citizens for years, and instead, are submitting to the geopolitically motivated offensive military actions of the USA in the direction of Russia, which have already been openly practiced for years, with a constant NATO expansion toward the East, in constant breach of promise, since, on the occasion of German reunification, they openly declared that they would definitely not do this. However, increasing massive military escalation and armament ever more in the direction of Russia with simultaneous permanent distortions of Russia’s interests are the recent antecedents and thus, also the main causes for the present war. And the political elite losers in Germany, who presently follow this course of escalation without criticism, are, in their ideological delusion, now also permanently breaking their oath of office to avert harm to the German people. They are irresponsibly leading their country and the countries of Europe into decline and into ever more drastic dangers of nuclear disasters and a polar shift.
External security is possible solely through peace, and therefore the Original Christians of the Sermon on the Mount hope that soon more capable politicians in Germany will ensure that the weapons are silent again, and they wish the Russian citizens and their government much strength for peace.