Smear Campaign Against the Original Christians – Part 3

From the beginning, the religious movement of Original Christians was attacked with outrageous allegations and slander by the modern “inquisitors” of the church, which in our time are called “sect commissioners” or “ideology officers”. You could say: in earlier times it was murder, today it is character assassination. Yet, decades later, it becomes obvious how false and misleading the ecclesiastical attacks on the enterprises and facilities of the Original Christians were, and how so many a politician and journalist adopted the defamations unchecked. Their vegetarian diet was said to be “life-threatening”, and they were called “end time apostles”, because the Spirit of God had already warned of the climate change in the 80s. With all this and more the Catholic and Protestant churches deliberately stoked fears in people and with what they demanded boycotts and discrimination. Discord was sown in families, Original Christians were forbidden to offer their products at fairs and markets, an entire company was ruined because a large partner was set under pressure by the Lutheran Church to terminate the cooperation, and banks refused funds for further investments, because of ecclesiastical intrigue, to name just a few examples. It was a constant struggle for even the most self-evident civil rights, that belong to all law-abiding citizens, but which the Churches wanted to refuse the Original Christians wherever they saw an opportunity. Could it be the fear of the church organizations of the living Christ Who speaks again though the Prophetic Word today and outside the churches?

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