The Apologists of Lies and of Murder Are Not Worth It

The Apologists of Lies and of Murder Are Not Worth It

The well-known author Mark Twain once said: “Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean it.”

The behavior of German politicians who want to supply weapons, weapons and ever heavier weapons for the war in Ukraine is increasingly reminiscent of the darkest times in German history. Almost daily they repeat in one way or another their fraudulent opinions that the so-called enemy in the war is the sole culprit and the only “bad guy.” While the war threatens additional millionfold poverty, the hard-earned tax money of the citizens is burned for the war and the economic sanctions.

Instead of peace, the politicians are bringing poverty to their citizens, a poverty that is increasingly leading to the decline of the middle class. However, there are billions of dollars in funding for weapons for Ukraine, as long as the Ukrainian government needs them, according to the grandiose announcements.

As late as 2021, in their own investigative reports, the politicians and their collaborators accused the Ukraine government of being dominated by oligarchs with large-scale corruption, with arbitrary arrests and executions and torture, a secret service 30,000-man strong and suppression of the opposition. Sources for this are shown in the broadcast. Thus, for such practiced values, the peace and prosperity of millions of people are sacrificed and countless more people are murdered daily — wrapped in fine-sounding formulations of our alleged freedom and the like, which the daily sacrifice of these human lives is worth.

According to the German Foreign Minister Mrs. Baerbock, the sanctions package will “ruin” Russia and “we want” Russia “to not get back on its feet again”. Thus, also for this, rule by oligarchs in Ukraine, including a president in the megalomania of war, is financed almost unlimitedly and supplied with ever more weapons for this immediate fratricide. For this, the whole Ukrainian people would also be sacrificed, because their citizens should be driven into the war against Russia “down to the last Ukrainian” and “down to the last drop of blood”. And the German media give the impression that almost all Ukrainians think this way.

USA President Biden, who in recent decades has called for one war of aggression by the USA after another in violation of international law, is now himself at the helm of power and war, and in March 2022, announced the “New World Order” under the “leadership” of the USA and in this context, called for the overthrow of Russian President Putin. And leading Western European and German politicians are bowing —like submissive vassals— to the geopolitical claims to power by the USA. Contrary to its own promises in 1990, the U.S. has been aggressively pushing NATO’s eastward expansion and for many years has also wanted to build Ukraine into a highly armed NATO base under massive U.S. influence in the economy, media and society — directly on the border to Russia. This already led to the overthrow of the pro-Russia government there and the installation of an anti-Russia government in 2014, while U.S. involvement in this is still being investigated today.

Meanwhile, the apologists of murder and lies in Europe have degenerated into unstable puppets and puff themselves up in self-staged alleged moral superiority. But behind them are the warmongers whom they serve, inspired, in turn, by the power that Jesus of Nazareth called the “father of lies, who was a murderer from the beginning”.

Symbolically speaking, the boundless hubris of this political elite does not want to give its opponents any breathing room. The population is daily indoctrinated with hypocritical lies via the media so that they do not rebel. And this continues to conceal the fact that the politicians are incapable of establishing an effective diplomacy for peace. Instead, they steer the population of their countries more and more toward an impending nuclear insanity that would totally reduce civilization to rubble. They plunder the state coffers and continue to promote the business model, which is ultimately aimed at the destruction of all life from God, including the Earth and all forms of life. In this, the voters’ favorites are primarily concerned with their ego, for the enhancement of which they want to satisfy the most primitive instincts. They do not want peace, they want to win; they want to loot and bring Russia to its knees. But in doing so, they are ushering in their own downfall.

Approximately 20,000 deaths per day due to hunger and contaminated water have long been a matter of indifference to politicians in their everyday actions. There never was an effort to end this. Instead, the elite losers in their depraved morality cry out for more and more weapons for Ukraine, flanked by constantly repeated fraudulent opinions that the enemy is the “bad guy” and one is himself the “good guy”. And so that the citizens don’t notice what is being served up to them on a daily basis, they have been rendered powerless by Ursula von der Leyen and the European Union for safety’s sake, by no longer allowing the Russian media to broadcast within the EU and to present their different view of events.

In this program, many untruths and concealed facts are once again enumerated in detail; because to find the way to peace again, it is necessary to know the background and causes of war and to expose the sanctimony and hypocrisy of a policy. In doing so, politicians betray the teachings of peace of Jesus of Nazareth, although most of them call themselves “Christian”, and they also betray their oath of office, which they swore for the well-being of the citizens of their country.

Over and over again during the last months they have been informed about their escalating warmongering, which daily leads to new victims, to new destruction. But everything was cast to the wind, just as the teaching of peace of Jesus of Nazareth has been from the beginning, because this would have also made them aware of their own guilt. These apologists of wartime murder and lies are therefore no longer worth continued warnings and admonishments.

But sincere seekers of truth in the population should learn into what increasing apocalyptic misery they are being driven by the godless alliance of politics, media and church. For in the long run, the truth cannot be suppressed, and it is not the warmongers who will be victorious in the end.

Christ, the Prince of Peace, has prepared the way for all those who trust in Him and His teaching of peace, which quite simply includes the Ten Commandments with the central commandment “You shall not kill”.


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