The Sacrament of the Eucharist – Part 9

God cannot be pressed into an oblate through an ecclesiastical formula pronounced by a priest. He is the Free Omnipresent Spirit Whose breath permeates all life – people, animals, plants, the entire cosmos. Neither can He be locked up in a “tabernacle” and be stored in a so-called “temple of God” of the Church. Jesus of Nazareth never taught to build houses made of stone to be “temples of God”. “Catholic” and “Christian” are opposites. Thus, the handling of a host, an oblate not permitted by the church (in the past often called “host desecration”) is, according to Catholic Church law a worse offense than “child abuse”. With Jesus of Nazareth this has not the least to do. The teaching of the Church regarding their Supper or Eucharist in reality stems from pagan idolatry and cannibalism. The plain and simple words of the Christ of God “Do this in remembrance of Me” were abused for an absurd construction of dogmas around oblate and wine. And the Protestant churches have refined it with intellectual subtleties. Jesus, the Christ, taught the mutual sharing and the gratitude for the gifts of Mother Earth. This is the “remembrance” of Him, and so His will is also done today. Jesus was a man of the people and not of the church and its paraphernalia.

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