“De-crucify” Jesus of Nazareth, so that the Resurrection Cross Becomes Visible

The Mode – Yesterday and Today – Special N° 24: De-Crucify Jesus of Nazareth, so that the Resurrection Cross Becomes Visible

Jesus of Nazareth is risen. This is what many people who call themselves Christians believe. But then why is He still hanging on the cross in the churches to this day? If He has, indeed, risen from the dead? 2000 years of this testifies to the scorn and mockery of Christ, who is depicted by the church religion in such a way, as if His adversaries had defeated Him — everything packed in the lie that it was, comparable to earlier animal sacrifices, an allegedly necessary human sacrifice to reconcile the angry god of religion, who could make salvation possible for human beings only in this way.
However, this is not the teaching of Christ, but the deception of His adversaries, the priests, the theologians and their Baal idols, who for 2000 years have been paying homage to the “father from below”, who is a murderer and liar from the very beginning, as Jesus Himself states in the Gospel of John in the Bibles.
The crucifixion was the will of the adversaries of Christ, and on the cross they silenced Him. In doing so, however, they testify to their own defeat, for the Christ of God could not be permanently silenced. Since then, He has spoken and continues to speak through God’s prophetesses and prophets right up to our present time, and He wants to resurrect in all of us by our living according to His commandments.
The messengers of God and the upright followers of Jesus were also persecuted, tormented, tortured, burned alive in the course of church history at the instigation of the church leaders inspired by the “father from below”. But they all prepared the way for His coming again in the spirit. He promised it Himself, even anew in our time: “Behold, I come soon!”
How would it be now, to de-crucify Jesus of Nazareth, where it is privately possible—in one’s own home or on a field or plot that belongs to one? The nails can be left in the wood, in honorable remembrance of what He took upon Himself out of love, because people wanted it that way. The corpus could be sent to the bishop with the message: “He is risen”.
Jesus, the Christ, did not bring a Baal sacrifice, as the churches teach. He redeemed us, but not in the way the theologians try to impute to Him. The true meaning of redemption through Christ is also explained in this program.


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