Freedom or Eternal Damnation – Part 7


The cruelest of all church teachings is the alleged eternal hell for all dissenters called “heretics”. Already on earth and for centuries did the Catholic Church make their life to hell, and in the beyond the Church “saints” shall be privileged to perfectly perceive the torments of the church dropouts, so that they like their own “blessing” even better. Thus the Church scholar Thomas Aquinas. Even if Pope Francis tries with refinement to hide these facts, more than 700 valid church curses and intimidations are contained in the dogma collections. The Protestant churches, too, teach bindingly eternal punishment in hell, only with a slightly different way of dividing those who will go to heaven from those who will go to hell. However, for this the Church institutions cannot refer to their own Bible, and certainly not to Jesus, the Christ. There, the “law of sowing and reaping” is valid, which in the worst case results in suffering over eons for those who committed the worst crimes, but never an eternal hell. Christ also taught the merciful God who always reaches out His helping hand, in this world as in the beyond, so that a soul or a person may attain inner freedom and find his way back into the cosmic order, that all-unity of God’s creation of which it says at the beginning: “And behold, it was very good.”

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