The Wisdom of Science – Insanity?

The Mode – Yesterday and Today – Special No. 1: The Wisdom of Science – Insanity?

Originally, science as we are familiar with it today arose from philosophy (literally “love of wisdom”), for example, in ancient Greece, and its basis was the observation of nature. Later, science came under the domination and control of the Church. To this day, the Church of Rome demands: “Scientific research can never leave this fact out of account … that there can be no contradiction between the words of the Holy Scripture and the findings of science.”

Giordano Bruno, who rejected the dogma of Trinity and taught that the Earth revolves around the Sun, was burned alive for this, Galileo Galilei escaped execution only by recanting. With the help of the so-called Pontifical Academy of Sciences, among other things, the Church exerts influence in the 20th century, which also raises the fundamental question: Where did science most recently, and still today, receive directly or indirectly its directives, its inspiration? The state of this Earth and of humankind can give us an answer, and here developments can be seen in all areas that have at least contributed to suffering, agony and death. Physics (atomic bombs and other weapons, nuclear power plants), chemistry (environmental toxins, poison gases and nerve gases as warfare agents, chemical residues in drinking water, drugs, plastic waste, etc.), medicine (definition of “brain death” as the alleged death for organ transplants, often denial of spiritual causes and corresponding methods), agriculture (pesticides, herbicides, genetic manipulation), biology (clones, manipulations, species extinction), earth sciences (exploitation of the earth, fracking), engineering sciences (electronic waste, radiation pollution), and so on and so forth, and with all of them: animal experiments and animal torture without end, blessed by the Pope’s Church and its teaching: “Medical and scientific experimentation on animals is a morally acceptable practice if it remains within reasonable limits”, whereby “reasonable limits” practically means “boundless limits”.

One could also ask: And according to the church doctrine of the supremacy of the “clerical sword” over the “secular sword”, the Vatican Church’s claim to dominion over science continues. Accordingly, church-affiliated people who are active in science receive their instructions via the doctrines of their church. Literally readable in the dogma collections is, among other things, the church threat: “If anyone shall say that human sciences are to be so freely treated that their assertions, even if opposed to revealed doctrine, may be held as true, and cannot be condemned by the Church – anathema sit (he is cursed).” Therefore, do the different instructions to science come from God, the Eternal, or do they originate from the insanity of the adversaries of God, who in their delusion believed, and still believe, that they could be like God?

The Earth is rebelling, which is now called climate change and is thus an answer. Watch the exciting roundtable discussion on this topic with scientists, two physicians, an expert in theology and a sociologist.


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