Who Are the Good Guys? Who, the Bad?

The Mode – Yesterday and Today – Special N° 25: Who are the Good Guys? Who, the Bad?

The warmongering of Western European politicians and media continues to escalate further. The causes seem so “simple”: One is the bad guy, and all his enemies are the good guys. Thus, the politicians are walking along the abyss of a nuclear war that threatens the entire population of Europe for generations.
But can the reasons given for the constantly increasing escalation be true? One bad guy and so many good guys, who have to act tougher and tougher against the “bad guy”, if he does not do what the good guys demand of him?
A look at the recent history of the leading western nation, the U.S., reveals a number of things that the media are currently withholding from you for the most part, or that are frequently manipulated.
In this program, information is given, which is mostly withheld from you, but which is essential for everyone to be able to form their own honest judgement. And, to express it clearly: Every war, with all the terrible suffering, is directed against Jesus, the Christ, and serves His adversaries.


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