The Diabolical Logic of Weapons – and the Pope

The Diabolical Logic of Weapons – and the Pope.

The Vatican sometimes causes confusion. This was the case a few weeks ago, when Pope Francis spoke of the “perverse logic of weapons”, which is furthest from the will of God. In this program, it is demonstrated that, although such things are said, in fact, for centuries they have been carried out according to this same “perverse logic” — just as it is in the spirit of the god of the underworld.
According to this strategy, after Germany’s attack on Russia in 1941, the Vatican also sent word to the Spanish ambassador: “Pius XII has friendship feelings for the [German] Reich. He wishes the Führer nothing more ardently than victory over Bolshevism.” (Karlheinz Deschner, Die Politik der Päpste im 20. Jahrhundert, part 2, p. 167)

Behind the Vatican’s longed-for defeat of Russia lies the ecclesiastical interest in bringing the Orthodox Church, which has been split off from the Church of Rome since 1054, back into the Vatican Church. Therefore, it continues to pursue the strategy of condemning wars in words, but promoting them in practice according to their own church doctrine of an allegedly just war (the church saint Augustine in the 5th century). Or when most recently in March, for example, the German Bishops’ Conference expressly welcomed as “ethically justifiable” Germany’s arms deliveries to Ukraine, which is waging a war against Russia.

Jesus of Nazareth said in His Sermon on the Mount, “Let your speech be Yes, Yes, No, No. Everything else is evil.” Consequently, the Church’s pronouncements on war are apt examples of evil.


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